Story Short No. 20


I found out Diane was a Scorpio from Ross, who heard it from Sancha, the Spanish dancer here. At the time, she was with Diane, teaching how to lead for a complicated samba movement.

“That explains why she’s has that mystic air about her,” Ross said, nodding. Ross always was a sucker for anything supernatural.

I sipped the coffee, and I reached over to get another Equal packet from the chipped sugar holder. “What I don’t see is why Madame would want to know her sign.”

“Well, Scorpios are supposedly exceptional sexual creatures.” Ross raised an eyebrow expectantly. “And we all know Madame’s tastes in women.”

“I guess.” Diane was slim and willowy, a perfect dancing partner. That apparently rated highly in Madame’s book.

Ross looked around and waved to someone off screen. I turned to see Madame, dressed in her usual gown of navy bombazine, but with slim stripes of gold and white slashing across the shoulders and lower chest.

“Darling!” she said, waving to us. “You are here early!” She came up, gathered up the striped shawl from her shoulders, and draped it across the unoccupied chair. She sat down and reached over to the coffee pot. “What brings you here?”

I shrugged. “Boredom, I guess,” I said. I moved the sugar holder and the milk jug closer to her elbow. “We were talking about Diane.”

“Oooh!” she squealed as she helped herself. “Yes. Such a fine figure. I saw her with Ms. Liz a couple of nights ago dancing with Bobbie. They were quite the couple. All that hip swaying.” Her eyes went distant for a moment, and a small smile played upon her lips. “Yes, they were…lascivious.”

Ross and I exchanged a glance.

“Oh, but where are my manners?” Madame cried out, snapping out of it. “Have you had breakfast yet? No matter. Marisse!” Her maid appeared from wherever she was before. “Breakfast for three, please. And bring some more coffee while you’re at it.”

Marisse bowed and left the room.


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