Tales of the World: An Ancient Dealing [Pt.1]


Author’s Note: I really should start writing about this universe in chronological order…

“Look into the loneliness,” Void said. “Let it flow into you.”

The man took a deep breath, inhaling the rich scent of myrrh and cinnamon.

“What do you see?”

He closed his eyes and saw a horrific vision: His world, already war-torn by the battles that wracked it, falling into greater disrepair. He could not stop the tears. “My home, gone and ravaged. This place, falling into chaos and evil.”

The Absolute nodded. “I am here to bring an end to this world. To make sure this vision becomes reality.”

The man opened his eyes and looked at the tall, gaunt figure. “But why? What about us, the people who have been the victims of this war?”

Void’s face grew sad. “That is a question I have not yet answered. In the countless eons of existing, I have not found an answer for that.”

The man gazed at the ceiling for a moment, then focused on another person. Where Void was dark and grim, the other was richly colorful. “What say you with this question?”

Creation shrugged, her outfit of rainbow hues cascading from reds to blues. “I am here on the plaintiff’s behalf. Life gives way to death, and all things created turns to the dust to give birth to new creations. Thus is the universe.”

“It is a construct that has kept this universe existing,” another person said. The figure was clad in silver chain mail, the head covered by a roughly made metal helmet. “It is the one of the oldest rules. The lives that lived must give way to the death that is to come.”

The man sighed, breathing more of the mournful scent of world-death. “Is there any way to stop this?”

“Ah. There we head to the point of this question.”

He looked at the speaker, a lady dressed simply in a white robe. “What do you mean?”

She looked at the other seven Absolutes, and then focused on the man. “The vision you saw is only a vision at the moment. A time that, now, is to be reality in future. Destiny has already forged that particular chain. However, the chain that binds that future can be reformed, the future redone.”

“No!” The figure at the end of the table rose from the seat. “This world was already in my hands when I first whispered the words of destruction. The future is mine, and so will that planet!”

“We all know your position, Chaos,” the lady said, “and you will get to make your case later.” She turned to me as the figure sat down. “At this moment, we are at the point of turning. For this, I am offering you a choice.”

“Come again?”

She gestured with a hand, and a wall lit up. On it, a map of his world, sectioned off into various regions and with labels in some unreadable script.

“Your home, currently locked in a war against itself. I believe it is referred as Min’Alchune in your language?” The man nodded, and she went on. “At this moment, your friend Au’Torms has retaliated against you and your mate. And thus, they have learned the truth of your mate.”

“He is not my friend,” the man snarled. “He caused pain and strife with his armies and he–”

“Ah,” a silky voice intruded, “but you sit there with your embittered heart and claim you are better than him?”

“That is enough, Evil,” the lady said. “I will hear your case later.”

“I admit that I was guilty of that also,” the man said. “I was called The Destroyer, a name that I wore with pride until I met L’Or. He…” He took a deep breath. “He was an amazing man. I did not know what I was until I met him.”

“And now?” Chaos said.

The man looked at his clenched fists. “I would do it all over again. Just so I can see him smile. Hear his laugh.” His voice trembled with grief, and he looked up at all of the Absolutes. “I would do it again.”

Evil looked at the man with a raised eyebrow. “You would damn the world again? Just for one person?”

“I…” His voice faded into quiet sobbing.

Evil looked at the man for a long moment, and he rose from his seat. “I have no quarrel with this person. He has done a work of great evil in the name of this person. The rest is up to Chaos.”

The Absolute also sat up. “He has brought an otherwise certain future into turmoil, with no concrete outcome. I also seek no quarrel with this person.”

The lady nodded. “So be it. The Counsel rests. This world is to remain balanced until further notice. In the meanwhile, M’Inchros” she said, focusing on the man, “we need to talk about your world’s future.”


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